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Antitrust Litigation

Antitrust law is the law of competition. Broadly speaking, antitrust laws seek to promote fair competition on the merits and to protect consumers and wronged competitor businesses from anti-competitive business practices.

At Hart McLaughlin & Eldridge we understand that antitrust class action battles demand a sophisticated combination of litigation, regulatory, antitrust and industry prowess.  Our team of lawyers has been in antitrust battles on both the plaintiff and defense sides and knows the principles and pitfalls of this highly specialized area of litigation. Most importantly, we know the highly complex and consistently evolving area of law. The statutory scheme is deep and multifaceted and the case law is robust and ever-changing. By carefully following antitrust litigation throughout the United States, we are able to implement and adjust our strategies on a real-time basis.

We also understand that antitrust cases are won by perseverance, determination, steadfast attention to detail, and proving a larger theory of the case that will convince both judge and jury. We begin every case by identifying the strengths and weaknesses to provide early high-level recommendations before valuable time and resources are expended. We then chart out a comprehensive game plan in pursuit of a successful early outcome. 

The lawyers at Hart McLaughlin & Eldridge have achieved outstanding and nationally renowned results in the area of antitrust litigation. In this particularly complex and challenging area of law, we deliver results.

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