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Medical Negligence

Cases involving alleged medical negligence have become increasingly complex. Our team at Hart McLaughlin & Eldridge is experienced and well-versed in navigating the complicated regulatory landscape and nuanced laws that govern healthcare providers, nursing homes, and their employees.

Medical negligence cases require extensive knowledge of the practice of medicine and the applicable standards of care. Through our experience, extensive medical library, and continuing education on topics of medicine, our lawyers have developed a sound knowledge-base in this practice area. We have successfully handled cases involving countless areas of medicine, including orthopedics, internal medicine, cardiology, anesthesiology, oncology, pain medicine, gastrointestinal surgery, radiology, obstetrics/gynecology, neurology, neurosurgery, psychology, psychiatry, neuropsychology, plastic surgery, general surgery, and many others.

In addition to traditional professional liability theories, we handle cases under the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act, as well as cases involving institutional negligence, agency, and negligent hiring, retention and supervision. Through our work on medical negligence cases, we have developed an extensive expert network involving all areas of medicine, as well as less traditional experts, including life care planners, economists, and nursing support.

In this sophisticated practice area, Hart McLaughlin & Eldridge delivers results.

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