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Construction cases can be particularly challenging because they involve a specialized industry, numerous parties, and unique laws and regulations. They also often involve catastrophic injury. The lawyers of Hart McLaughlin & Eldridge have vast experience litigating both construction liability and defect cases and have a history of delivering outstanding results for their clients.

We have handled construction cases involving all theories of liability, including negligence, premises liability, willful and wanton conduct, intentional torts, assault and battery, and breach of warranty. We also have experience with nearly every area of construction, including labor, carpentry, roofing, plumbing, pipe-fitting, insulation, electrical, masonry, concrete, and many others.

If not properly managed, construction cases can quickly become protracted and expensive. We focus on evaluating the case at the earliest opportunity, identifying leverage points, and implementing an action plan that gets our clients the best results at the earliest opportunity. The bottom line is that we know the industry, its network of professionals, the evolution of the law, and hence, the path to success.

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