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Appellate Counsel

The attorneys at Hart McLaughlin & Eldridge have handled numerous significant and precedent-setting cases in federal and state appellate courts. Our vast experience at the appellate level allows us to frame our client’s legal arguments at the trial level so as to preserve, and ultimately win, appealable issues. Should an appeal be necessary, our attorneys are able to present complex questions of law in simple and straightforward terms, enabling the decision maker to understand why our client is right on the law and also why our client should win.

We do not limit ourselves to any particular substantive subject matter. Precisely because appellate judges are generalists, not specialists in a particular area of the law, effective appellate advocates must be able to master the most complex or arcane legal regimes and craft a persuasive legal argument that maximizes appeal to generalist judges.

Through constant communication with our clients, our lawyers provide clear analysis of potential appealable issues. If and when our clients decide to pursue an appeal, our appellate lawyers are able to perform a range of services, including:

  • Preserving significant legal issues at the trial court level
  • Briefing and arguing appeals on merit
  • Advising clients on appellate issues during and after trial
  • Handling agency appeals before various regulatory bodies
  • Preparing amicus curiae briefs.
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