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Construction Litigation

It is not uncommon for construction law cases to quickly become highly contentious. A company’s future or an individual’s reputation are often at stake. The lawyers of Hart McLaughlin & Eldridge understand these risks and have the industry knowledge required to present an effective defense in these cases.

We are well-versed in construction litigation and have the experience to effectively defend construction site owners, contractors, architects and engineers in arbitrations, mediations and at trial. The numerous strategies we employ are proven to obtain favorable, cost-effective results for our clients. How do we know these strategies work? Because we cut our teeth on complex, high-value lawsuits like construction cases.

We also know that early communication and collaboration with clients is instrumental to our successful track record. Litigation costs are often a primary concern of our clients in construction law cases, which is why we don’t let billing get in the way of providing the best quality legal services. We don’t have billable hour requirements and don’t focus on hours. Instead, we focus all of our attention on evaluating liability and creating leverage points so we can provide realistic budgets and create opportunities for a favorable resolution and, ultimately, achieve the best outcome possible for our clients.

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