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Fire Loss

Every year, thousands of claims across the country arise from fires. Whether it be death, bodily injury, or property damages, fire can cause catastrophic loss and create tremendous exposure. Furthermore, most every fire investigation initially involves a mystery as to its origin and cause. Over the years, we have had tremendous success investigating fire loss claims and helping business and insurers solve the mystery and limit their exposure.

The lawyers at Hart McLaughlin & Eldridge have investigated and defended against dozens of significant fire loss claims. Oftentimes we are called upon hours after a fire to coordinate a fire loss investigation. We have worked with many of the premier fire investigators, electrical engineers, and origin and cause analysts throughout the country. In turn, we have developed a deep understanding and experience of this unique science and practice area.

Fire investigations are extremely complex because the fire often destroys the key evidence of its origin. Many fires are caused by defective equipment, but identifying the specific origin and cause of a fire is no simple task. Fires can be caused by and involve many ignition sources and fuels. We work with fire investigators and our expert team in reconstructing the sequence of events leading to the fire. We not only understand the science of fire behavior, but have a working knowledge of many other areas of relevant to fire claims, including construction, electricity, mechanical devices, and human factors.

Retaining counsel with experience in fire investigations and origin and cause analysis is critical to a successful defense of a fire case. You can count on Hart McLaughlin & Eldridge to be your go-to lawyers for these specialized claims.

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