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Litigation Avoidance Counseling

As lawyers and problem solvers, we believe the best time and opportunity to resolve litigation is before it ever occurs. We recognize that litigation is timely and expensive, and that the best outcome is often avoiding it altogether. We have therefore developed cutting edge protocols to counsel our clients on how to avoid litigation as part of our problem-solving concept. We like to think of it as “getting ahead of the problem.”

We consider litigation avoidance counseling to be the highest expression of our professional responsibility and service to our clients. The term “litigation avoidance” might conjure up images of intense mediation sessions or alternative dispute resolutions, but that isn’t the case. In reality, risk management programs and litigation avoidance strategies are ways in which a business can alter or improve its practices to avoid potential conflicts with clients, customers, patients, employees, vendors, and others.

In our experience as trial lawyers, we have seen the gamut of business practices, policies, and procedures. Many businesses have significant flaws or gaps in their policies that can create litigation or make litigation more problematic. We firmly believe that good practices and policies, along with proper employee training, can extinguish claims and avoid liabilities.

We are often called upon by our clients to examine their practices, policies, and procedures through the eyes, experience, and forethought of a trial lawyer. Far too often, companies entangled in litigation look back upon their policies and procedures and wish they had been written differently. At the same time, a business may not appreciate the many options available to shift risk to other third-party vendors and minimize its liability. At Hart McLaughlin & Eldridge, we believe our skill and experience as trial lawyers can save you money and help you get ahead of a problem before it occurs.

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