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Professional Liability

The lawyers at Hart McLaughlin & Eldridge investigate, negotiate, counsel, and defend against claims asserted against professional organizations and individuals. We understand that professional liability claims carry quantitative financial risks and incalculable threats to an accused’s reputation and well-being. As a result, we make it our top priority to handle these matters with swift force, while also respecting the confidentialities and unique personal issues that face each defendant.

Resolving professional liability cases requires a wealth of experience and a firm grasp of the substantive law of the relevant practice area at issue. We have an established history of defending professionals, including legal practitioners, designers, brokers, and corporate officers. Our successes include the protection of these individuals and companies against claims of breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, business interference, and regulatory investigations. While each case is uniquely its own, all matters require a cost-effective and result-oriented approach based upon open dialogue with the insurer and insured and a deep appreciation for the profession and practice at issue. We pride ourselves in helping our clients continue to perform what they do best: their professional duties.

Our clients trust us not only to address developing disputes and limit adverse publicity, but also to anticipate and prevent future litigation. We counsel our clients in the areas of risk management by properly defining their responsibilities and exposures, while ensuring that they can freely make the independent decisions that their professions and businesses demand.

As the number and type of professional liability cases expand, it has become ever more important to retain sophisticated and determined counsel. Hart Hart McLaughlin & Eldridge has and will continue to be a group of professionals dedicated to protecting, serving and defending professionals.

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