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Toxic Torts

Toxic tort litigation is among the most complex and dangerous forms of litigation the corporate world has ever faced. It can overwhelm companies and leave them crippled, if not bankrupt. Over the years, the plaintiffs’ bar has obtained verdicts and settlements in numerous jurisdictions across the country, against a wide variety of defendants, spanning all types of industry.

Accordingly, it is crucial that companies and their insurers retain counsel with an acute understanding of the demands and dangers of this unusual “tidal wave” litigation. Our team has unparalleled success in defending companies sued for toxic torts all over the country. We understand the nuances of the litigation, we developed many of the successful defenses used today, we know the experts, and we have the respect of both the plaintiffs’ bar and the courts. No other law firm can compete with our experience and success in this complicated area of litigation.

Often, we are hired as National Coordinating Counsel for toxic tort matters. In that capacity, we provide and coordinate a uniform and consistent defense across the country. We develop tools for local counsel by preparing deposition outlines and model answers for written discovery. We have also cultivated and developed many of the preeminent toxic tort expert witnesses in the country.

We are not only familiar with the science, medicine, and product lines involved in toxic tort litigation, but the importance of aggressive and proactive case workup and comprehensive and timely reporting. Plaintiffs in these dangerous cases often obtain trial dates within 6-9 months of filing. Accordingly, our team provides analytical real-time reporting so that our clients are always in the loop.

Defending businesses and their insurers in toxic tort cases is a daily practice for our attorneys. Additionally, members of our team have published articles, made presentations at professional conferences, and taught continuing legal education courses on topics germane to this constantly evolving area.

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