Marin FitzSimmons

Marin FitzSimmons Paralegal

Marin FitzSimmons is a veteran in toxic tort, having worked in asbestos litigation since 2017.  She handles HME’s asbestos matters, as well as general litigation matters. Marin graduated from Loyola University of New Orleans with a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice.  Prior to her decision to switch majors, she had declared as a double major of Studio Art and Art History, which has given her a unique approach to solving problems from both a creative and analytical viewpoint.

Marin is thrilled to have joined the legal team of Hart McLaughlin & Eldridge in August of 2021.  Marin grew up in Chicago but spent a lot of her time at her family’s home in Galena, IL, which she still enjoys doing to this day.  In her free time, she enjoys kayaking, exploring new restaurants, spending time with family and friends, and playing with her golden retriever Teddy and her cat, Goose.

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